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To Spell Skate

An astute speller tumbles

I thaut it ownlee fare to give a knod this mourning to thoze hoo feer thee addmonishmeant of grate spellers on the prowl, just iching to looke down there knozes at the poorlee spellt.

Boulderdash! Non-cents! Et set era.

To the contrary:

Miss Spells Skate

Spills a spell, oh spelling tells.
She’ll like to spel it straight.
Striktly struk, looks rong.  Right?
It’s a writ, our so sung sawng.
Rites passing to know more…moar.

Take skate, simplee spellt out.
Not scat or skat, but a skate.
Skate?  No, no, nevur moar sew.
I think it skeight, prefer to
rite it rawng.  Try scaite on for
size.  Stretched lawng sckaight looks it now.
Well wut if smalld sew short, scait?
Bee itt rite nough? Smells fishy
scait, scant tell if itt’s rite, sew
letz spel itt roling alawng
underfoot, sew az knot to
have Mai noze tern on Hue tooo!

A revised mix, slowed tricks for
Language bees, she sees in hand
Pictures skate plight, but no need
for flight, ‘rite’ or ‘rawng’ works right.
Just found, fair ground: Words as Sound.


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