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Escape from Constantinople proved the last reasonable recourse for Professor Roderick Childermass in John Bellairs’ ‘The Trolley to Yesterday.’  As the Ottomans invaded, breaching the city walls, he and his companions took to the air with a tiny device, an ‘odd-looking brass object’ called a Tabergan, which looked something like this:

A tabergan

To get it going you held it in your hand and twisted the handle,
shouting, “Go where I say, Tabergo, Tabergan!”

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the verb ‘inaugurate’ comes from the Latin, inaugarare, meaning to take omens from the flight of birds.  And from that, ‘inaugurate’ means to consecrate after taking such sights into consideration.

It is with that in mind that I inaugurate this site as a place of literature and writing and whimsy, where one can take omens from the flight of crabby college professors.

Go where I say, Tabergo, Tabergan!


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